Help to Buy / Shared Equity Valuations

You will be required to obtain a valuation when purchasing or selling an interest in a property with the Help to Buy scheme, or in conjunction with a Housing Association. Our reports comply with all requirements.

Matrimonial Valuations

With increasing divorce rates this type of work is becoming more common and often the matrimonial home has to be valued as part of the divorce settlement. Bristol and Bath Surveyors deal with many such cases in a sensitive and professional manner.

Probate / Tax Valuations

Bristol and Bath Surveyors have many years of experience in these matters. Every death is untimely and regrettable and where there is a need to value an estate this will more than likely include the valuation of a residential home. You can rely on us to deal with you in a sympathetic manner.

Expert Witness Valuations

Reports for litigation matters such as diminution in value and the extent of a surveyors liability. Matrimonial valuations can be carried out for both parties simultaneously. Our reports are compliant with the Civil Procedures Rules.

Leasehold Enfranchisement Valuations

If your lease has less than 80 years left unexpired then you need to consider the Leasehold Reform Act. Under this Act a Leaseholder has the right to extend their lease or purchase the freehold. If your lease has less than 80 years remaining time is of the essence as an element of marriage value has to be considered. As the lease term reduces the more costly it becomes to enfranchise.

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